General Engineering / fitting & turning

Traditional engineering practice encompasses a variety of fitting, turning, bending and material preparation techniques. Formerly the backbone of the engineering industry, these techniques have lost popularity due to the advent of CNC machinery and automation.

However, the benefits of such techniques cannot be understated in quick and flexible short-run production. Leaning on many years’ of aircraft-industry experience   and utilising its large array of machinery    Hand-On Industries can complete general engineering tasks of any complexity, scale and scope to a high level of quality and accuracy.

General engineering Machines

Metal Forming |

Brake forming

Hydraulic Press

Power Press

Welding |



Turning | 


Cutting & Drilling

4-Axis CNC, EDM Wire cutting, Band Saw, Mitre Saw, Drop Saw and more

Material Preparation | 

Sand Blasting, Vibratory Finishing, Linishing, Grinding and more

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Silver
  • Titanium
combination of processes
  • Combinations of processes can produce complex assemblies and components
  • All jobs are considered
  • New processes and techniques developed
Melbourne Engineering metal forming
Traditional techniques
  • Hand-On can utilise traditional turning, milling and bending techniques
  • 90 years’ of engineering experience
  • Consideration given to relative complexity versus requirements
Flexible & Adaptable
  • Utilise quickly adaptable machines to improve lead times
  • Experience in tooling and fixturing allows for quick adjustments
  • Industry-leading experience ensures appropriate quality controls

Hand-on Industries


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