Hand-On Industries is a production design and manufacturing specialist based in Melbourne, Australia. Leaning on over 90 years of industry experience, Hand-On industries can complete your production in a timely, cost-effective and precise manner. One-off or regular component runs are completed by Hand-On, with single components or large-scale assemblies all able to be completed. Whatever production scope you have in mind, Hand-On can complete it. Hand-On can also complete far greater project scope requirements through utilisation of its extensive supplier network. From materials sourcing, to blank preparation, assembly components and finishing treatments, Hand-On can coordinate and quality-assure the supply
chain on your next engineering project.







From concept to delivery


Hand-On Industries can provide design-for-manufacture advice and consult with you to optimise your component design details for production. This can save you time and money, as well as improve quality. Many Hand-On customers find that their expectations for their products are exceeded during this process.


Hand-On industries can manufacture your production of components in a timely, cost-effective and accurate manner. Hand-On Industries enthusiastically handles one-off component runs,
focusing on meeting and exceeding your product expectations. Repeat component runs are completed with an emphasis on repeatable results and efficiency improvements.


Hand-On can complete manufacturing and construction of complex assemblies. Integrating
components from a larger supply network, Hand-On ensures your assemblies operate exactly as desired and can adjust component specifications to problem solve your assembly issues. Hand- On can achieve your assembly requirements and exceed your expectations.

Hand-on Industries


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