Wire EDM: the features and benefits.

EDM wire cutting has the special ability to machine a variety of conductive materials including super alloys, medical grade steel, titanium, tungsten carbide, all the aluminium alloys, copper and brass. Even metals that have been hardened or are especially ductile or brittle are usually difficult to machine by other means, can be effectively machined by the EDM wire cutting method.

One of the benefits of EDM wire cutting is the ability to cut hardened heat-treated metals. The process imposes no heat stress to the metal being worked upon and this eliminates any need for heat treatment after the process has completed.

Very high quality edges and accuracy are achieved. With wire cutting very complex shapes can be produced and there are very tight tolerances of accuracy achieved. Tolerances up to + or -5 microns can be expected.

One of the major benefits of the EDM wire cutting is its constant reliability. The program is computer-generated and the electrode is constantly being renewed from a spool. Conventional machine tools with their inherent ware and tear do not play a part in the production process. All parts of the production process are constant and reliable.

EDM wire machine production can dramatically reduce production costs for many parts and engineering projects. The processes is accurate, stress-free, burr-free and where straight edges are required the edges are perfectly straight.

If you have designed your parts on your own CAD system we can accept most files and if not we can design them for you. Whatever way, you can expect perfectly engineered and precisely manufactured parts. Please call us for more information.