Our Company

Hand-On Industries is a family run business with over 90 years of manufacturing experience. We have considerable expertise in a broad range of manufacturing disciplines including machining, welding, metal forming, brazing, sheet metal, metal finishing, electronics, injection moulding, wire cutting and more.

Our manufacturing capacity is backed up by state of the art machinery and software. The use of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery along with the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) software accommodates a refined design and manufacturing process.

One-Stop Shop

Hand-On Industries is able to supply a range of individual in-house services to our customers: working as a design partner using our Product Design Melbourne services, design up CAD models using our CAD Drafting Services Melbourne service; establishing CAM data for machines, using our CAD CAM Services; and the manufacture and assembly of parts, using any of our CNC Machining Melbourne portfolio of services.


On demand, we are able to do any or all of these processes for our customers. Often, it is our ability to work as a one-stop shop—designing a component on CAD, programming the CAM data, and actually manufacturing the part—that is most attractive to our customers.


CAD CAM Services - Product Design

Our exceptional CAD CAM Services Melbourne experience and facilities are combined with extensive manufacturing knowledge and experience. Within Hand-On Industries, we employ the same people to design and to manufacture components. In practice, this means that we design components on CAD that we know we can manufacture. Our experience has shown that when CAD plans are drawn up by one person/company, for another person/company to manufacture, there are often problems in manufacturing the design provided; it is easy, after all, to design a component on CAD that is impossible to build in the real world.


The upshot of being a proficient one-stop shop is that the end-to-end service we offer is extremely streamlined; as a consequence, we able to turn work around much more quickly than would be the case if different organisations were involved in the design and the manufacture stages.


Hand-On Industries takes the time to explore our customers’ requirements in detail. These vary from customer to customer and from one job to the next. They might entail help with Product Design Melbourne, CAD CAM Services Melbourne, CAD Drafting Services Melbourne, Materials Testing and Analysis, or Product Re-Engineering Service Melbourne. Or it may involve any of these services in conjunction with our side range of CNC Machining Melbourne capabilities, including CNC Routing Melbourne, Deep Drawing Tooling Melbourne, Milling Services Melbourne, Precision Sheet Metal Services Melbourne, Press Brake Forming Melbourne, Robot Welding Melbourne, Sheet Metal Bending Melbourne and Wire Cutting Services Melbourne.


From product design through to prototype/product manufacture, Hand-On Industries is proud to offer any or all of the services involved. We are happy to take ownership of the entire process, or equally comfortable to inject our expertise at the key stages where our customers do not have embedded capability themselves. We are equally adept at producing prototypes, manufacturing production components and providing ongoing engineering support, or reverse-engineering existing components originally made by other companies. In this case, it is common for our customers to have no details of OEMs, or simply to want to reduce costs when OEMs are based overseas or otherwise no longer cost competitive.


It is unusual in the modern age to be able to operate as a one-stop shop. As a long-standing family business—involved in prototyping and short-run manufacture for over 20 years—Hand-On Industries prides itself on the personal level of service and the breadth of expertise we can offer. In-house design and manufacturing ensures that high standards and quality adherence remain within our strict control. We deliver quality service and quality components, quickly,  accurately and cost competitively. Our wide knowledge of engineering practices safeguards your production success.

Product Development

Prototype and short run components for the automotive, railway, medical, transport, scientific and electrical and other industries.

Forward Thinking

Anticipating possible outcomes of the design and manufacture process, prevent problems and product flaws from occurring, ensuring smooth and successful results.

Problem Solvers

We listen and understand your individual situation and needs giving us the insight to tackle any problem from reverse engineering to innovative product prototyping and manufacture.

Customer Support

We have live customer service representatives to answer the phone during business hours rather than an automated phone system. We are focused on providing prompt and friendly customer service.