CAD drafting services

We use Solidworks, our preferred CAD CAM software, and it is probably the best you can get which sometimes can be a problem because you can design objects and products that look great on screen but maybe next to impossible to produce economically. This is where our experience comes and although the design may look good on the screen you have to be able to produce it within a reasonable budget. As we provide a complete service from start to finish, design, prototyping, and manufacturing, we are keenly aware of the necessity for all parts of the process to be well thought out and integrated.

We are problem solvers and as such we will study the problem with efficient design and manufacture in mind to give you the most efficient and economical solution possible.

If you have a new product in mind and would like to discuss the design and production process, please give us a call. We will be happy to guide you through the design and manufacturing process. You can bring your sketches and handmade mockups, or if you just have an idea floating around your head, we can turn your vision into a reality with the best engineering support and crew fit for any challenge.