& CNC machines, what are they? How do CNC machines work? What can CNC machines produce? CNC Machines and Inovation Haas VF2 Specifications ¬† CNC Machining Melbourne–¬†

CNC machines, what are they?

CNC machines are controlled by a computer to give high precision cutting milling and routing capabilities to fashioning steel and other materials. These precision tools can repeat accurate movements over and over again.
They are used to engrave and shape materials and automatic operation.

How do CNC machines work?

CNC Machining Melbourne РCNC machines require the plan of the finished article to be created in a software program which controls the X Y and Z axis is of the machine in a highly precise manner. Once the design has been completed in the software program, the results of fed into the CNC machine which allows of the item to be produced over and over again.

What can CNC machines produce?

The manufacturing industry today is dominated by CNC machines and can be used to produce parts in metal, wood and plastics. There is virtually no limitation to what are CNC machine can produce and the beauty of the process is that the product can be produced over and over again with exact precision.

Handon Industries & CNC Machines

Here in Melbourne at Handon Industries, clever ideas and innovation are an everyday reality. We imagine new methods of creating new parts for customers, refining those ideas, doing the research and development to ensure the viability and effective production of those parts.

Our Haas VF2 Specifications: X Axis 30 ” 762 mm Y Axis 16 ” 406 mm Z Axis 20 ” 508 mm