The Soldick EDM Wire Cutting machine has the advantage of liniar motor technology and has many applications. What is Linear Motor tech?
Well, first of all, it eliminates ball screw drives and there is no backlash or lost motion. It also ensures fewer wire breaks and enables very high speed. There is no maintenance on the machine required and it is highly accurate. 

EDM stands for Electrical discharge machining and is one of the most cost-effective and accurate methods of machining metal. With EDM wire cutting there are no impact tools to cause metal stress and constant replacing of metal tools and distorting of the material due to stress. EDM uses a wire to cut and shape the metal material with an electrical current discharge.

The accuracy of EDM is unparalleled and is better than laser cutting. With EDM Wire Cutting there is no need for heat treatment to soften the metal first as EDM can cut through the hardest material with ease.

In wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM), also known as wire-cut EDM and wire cutting, a thin single-strand metal wire, mostly brass, passes through the work-head submerged in a tank of dielectric fluid usually deionized water.

High Precision EDM Wire Cutting

Industries that mostly use EDM Wire cutting are Mold Making, and the Tool and Die Industries. For making prototypes it is great, particularly in the Auto, Aerospace and Electronics industries.

EDM Wire Cutting is a process whereby a wire, usually brass has an electrical charge passed through it and an electrical spark is created which cuts the material with heat without affecting the surrounding material. The resulting cut is highly precise

Advantages of EDM Wire Cutting

It can create complex shapes that would be very difficult with ordinary cutting tools.  As there is no tool pressure it is suited to small material forms where the conventional tools may damage the surrounding material with undue pressure and heat.

As there is no direct contact between the wire and the material being cut, there is no distortion with small and fragile sections. The process produced no burrs so there is no finishing or polishing required after the process has been completed

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