Hand-On Industries is a family-owned and -operated manufacturing engineering specialist with over 90 years’ of experience.
Based in Melbourne, Australia, Hand-On is a proud advocate of high-quality production and service, with a strong focus on supply-chain control and an adherent to best practice in manufacturing.
Hand-On maintains clear, open and honest communication with clients, and strives to provide components and service that far exceed expectations.

5-Axis EDM Wire Cutting

EDM (Electro Discharge Machining) Wire Cutting involves cutting profiles in conductive materials using thin brass wire [0.1-0.25 mm]. EDM is a highly accurate process and is used for high precision engineering applications.

Hand-On Industries operates a Sodick VL400Q, a fully submerged linear drive EDM Wire Cutter that has taper cut and 5th axis capabilities.

Utilising innovative fixturing and precision prepared blanks, Hand-On Industries can create a vast array of wire cut parts that will surpass client’s expectations.Click here to learn more

CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control (CNC), is a highly precise method OF machining that allows complex 2D and 3-dimensional parts to be created from stock material.

Hand-On industries utilizes Vertical Machining Centres (VMC) to machine very precise and highly repeatable components in all materials. With the capability to utilise a 4th axis rotary indexer to machine complex surfaces and profiles.

Hand-On Industries is an industry leading specialist in CNC machining and will work with clients to produce high quality components. Click here to learn more

Robot Welding

Robot welding utilises a programmable robot arm and welding control console to operate a repeatable welding operation on fixed components. Robot welding produces highly repeatable welds with significant time savings that translates to cost savings for customers.
Hand-On Industries operates an ABB robot MIG welding arm with a Fronius power supply. With 6 degrees of freedom, this robot arm has the capacity to reach tight portions of a job with as much flexibility as a human operator, allowing jobs to be completed to the quality expected of any experienced welder.
Utilising innovative fixturing, Hand-On Industries can complete high quality welding in less time with a higher precision than a manual operator. Using these services, we have made car seats for Tesla Motors. Click here to learn more

Computer-aided Design (CAD)

Computer Aided Design (CAD) involves the development of computer models of components, containing exact design dimensions and feature details.

CAD has allowed for a revolution in accuracy and complexity across the years, with CAD software increasing in complexity and improving features in line with this trend.

Holding a CAD model of a component allows for bullet proof communication of manufacturing, aesthetic, assembly and other details. CAD data is invaluable in the modern manufacturing era.

Hand-On Industries can construct CAD models of any components and utilises industry leading software to create your component exactly as designed in a 3D model.Click here to learn more


Hand-On Industries is a product re-engineering specialist based in Melbourne, Australia.
Re-Engineering involves the assessment and definition of design specifications for existing components.

When existing components cannot be manufactured using previous methods, re-engineering allows for the product requirements to be defined and completed using modern techniques. Quality improvements to existing components can also be completed during the re-engineering process.

Broken components or one-off issues often require precise solution to remedy them. This is another benefit of re-engineering as opposed to ad-hoc solutions. Re-engineering comes complete with a suite of embedded design specifications that allow for the solution to be repeated if necessary. Click here to learn more

Production Design

Hand-On Industries is a production design and manufacturing specialist based in Melbourne, Australia.

Leaning on over 90 years of industry experience, Hand-On industries can complete your production in a timely, cost effective and precise manner. One-off or regular component runs are completed by Hand-On, with single components or large-scale assemblies all able to be completed by Hand-On. Whatever production scope you have in mind, Hand-On can complete it.

Hand-On can also complete far greater project scope requirements through utilisation of its extensive supplier network. From materials sourcing, to blank preparation, assembly components and finishing treatments, Hand-On can coordinate and quality assure your supply chain on your next engineering project. Click here to learn more


Hand-On Industries is a prototype manufacturing specialist based in Melbourne, Australia.

Prototypes serve a vital role in product development. Prototypes allow for rapid learning on design operation and feasibility as well as communication of key features and issues.

The manufacture of prototype components can serve many purposes and can range from high fidelity final draft components to low fidelity mock-up components. Prototypes may involve the manufacturing of components that use the exact methods and techniques for a first production run or may simply be completed using any method to produce a concept prototype.
Hand-On Industries can create all scopes of prototype and associated tooling and will consult with you regarding your prototype requirements. Click here to learn more



Hand-On Industries can manage your product, from initial prototypes through to production delivery.
Hand-On specialises in production development and innovation.


Hand-On has extensive experience servicing Rail, Automotive, Medical, Food, Mining, Measurement, Electrical and many more industries. We have even provided robotic welding services to prototype Tesla car seats. 

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