Hand-On Industries is a product re-engineering specialist based in Melbourne, Australia.
Re-engineering involves the assessment and definition of design specifications for existing components.

When existing components cannot be manufactured using original processes, re-engineering allows for the product requirements to be defined and completed using modern techniques. Quality improvements to existing components can also be completed during the re-engineering process.

Broken components or one-off issues often require precise solutions. This is another benefit of re-engineering as opposed to ad-hoc solutions. Re-engineering comes complete with a suite of embedded design specifications that allow for the solution to be repeated if necessary.


Before & After Re-engineeringBefore & After Re-engineering

re-engineering helps

missing engineering data

Existing components that need to be recreated but lack the associated engineering data require re-engineering.
Careful measurements and assessments are made to determine the precise design details of the component. Using extensive industry experience, Hand-On will re-engineer your part to realistic and accurate design specifications, encompassing an assessment of product requirements and manufacturing techniques.

broken components

Components that have broken due to wear or misuse   but which are still vital to a system   are often prohibitively expensive to replace using the original manufacturing process. Re-engineering can allow the components to be repaired in an accurate and repeatable manner. As the likelihood of a successful repair improves once a design specification has been properly defined, improvements in quality are usually enjoyed when broken components are re-engineered.

product improvements

Products that are manufactured using outdated or unavailable processes can be improved through re-engineering. By analysing the design requirements and re-defining the engineering data, the product can be designed for manufacture using up to date processes.
This allows components that are expensive or unavailable to become feasible once again.

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