Hand-On Industries is a prototype-manufacturing specialist based in Melbourne, Australia. Prototypes serve a vital role in product development, allowing for rapid learning on design feasibility and operation, as well as communication of key features and issues. The manufacture of prototype components can serve many purposes and can range from high-fidelity final draft components to low-fidelity mock-up components. Prototypes may involve the manufacturing of components that use the exact methods and techniques as a first production run, or may simply be completed using any method to produce a concept prototype. Hand-On Industries can create all scopes of prototype and associated tooling, and will consult with you regarding your prototype requirements.



From concept to reality

concept design

Hand-On Industries can complete the manufacturing concept design of your product idea based off your data.
Hand-On will complete the CAD preparation and manufacturing of your concept and can scale the accuracy and complexity to meet your prototype requirements.

high fidelity

High fidelity prototypes are prototypes that are completed using the expected manufacturing techniques for production of the components. Consideration is given to production scale, production feasibility and repeatability of completed steps. Whilst of higher cost, a high-fidelity prototype will improve the likelihood of success of an initial production run.


Low Fidelity prototypes are manufactured using efficient and affordable methods to produce a product that closely mimics the final specifications required for production. 3D printing is an example of a low fidelity prototype.
Low fidelity prototypes have the benefit of reduced cost and lower lead times, whilst still providing components that are functionally accurate to the design specifications.

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