robot mig welding

Robot welding utilises a programmable robot arm and welding control console to operate a repeatable welding operation on fixed components. Robot welding produces highly repeatable welds with significant time-savings that translates to cost savings for customers.
Hand-On Industries operates an ABB robot MIG welding arm with a Fronius power supply. With 6 degrees of freedom, this robot arm has the capacity to reach tight portions of a job with as much flexibility as a human operator, but with a quality that often surpasses that achievable even by an experienced welder.
Utilising innovative fixturing, Hand-On Industries can complete high-quality welding in less time with a higher precision than a manual operator.


Welding types |

Metal Inert Gas (MIG)

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)


Robot Controller | ABB






Brazing |

Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Bronze & Silver


repeatable components
  • Fixtures can hold multiples of the same component
  • Access to weld site less impactful on weld quality
  • Time savings through enhanced setup efficiency
complex setups
  • Ability to create complex setups and fixtures
  • Ensures fit and tolerance of components
  • Reduces effects of weld deformation due to heat
large quantities
  • Large quantities of parts can be completed without operator fatigue
  • Repeatability across large production runs is improved
  • Reduced lead times

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